Disposable Glove Outlook for the Next Half Decade

Disposable gloves are used across virtually every industry, but are obviously most prevalent in the medical and healthcare industry. We know disposable gloves come in a variety of materials like nitrile, latex, polyvinyl, neoprene, and others.
In 2019, before COVID, the disposable glove industry was valued at $4,026.17 million and experts are predicting that by 2027 the value of the industry could reach up to $11,101.07 million.
With so many different types of glove materials out there, experts are expecting that the nitrile (synthetic rubber) segment of gloves will meet or even exceed the segment of natural rubber gloves. Additionally, powder free gloves are expected to surpass powdered disposable gloves by 2027.
When it comes to exam gloves versus surgical gloves, it is likely that the surgical glove segment will surpass exam gloves because the market is expected to grow significantly when it comes to the growing burden of surgical procedures in the medical industry.
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