Disposable Glove Shipping Delays and Backorders: Some Insight We Would Like To Share

Another major problem that has resulted from COVID-19 is the significant shipping delays consumers are experiencing, especially when it comes to the glove industry. Many products are on backorder, resulting in long wait times.
Supply chains across virtually every industry have been disrupted in the last year, leaving everyone at kind of a standstill when it comes to finding a solution to shortening consumer wait times on their products.
The issues have been quite significant when it comes to disposable gloves because over 90% of the global glove supply originates in Southeast Asia, an area of the world that has experienced lots of regulation and closures due to COVID.
Most glove distributers are doing their best to keep consumers informed on backorder statuses. The best thing you can do is place your orders as soon as possible and stay in contact with your sales representative for updates.
All in all, this will likely continue to be a pain point for the foreseeable future, but we are doing our best to keep supply high so we can meet your needs.
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