Does Color Matter When Choosing Work Gloves?

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When it comes to dressing to stay cool during the hot summer months, we often hear about grabbing those lighter colors and light weave fabrics to help keep us cool. Some of this thought process transfers over to work gloves as well. When you’re working outdoors in the summer, you’ll also want to do your best to keep your hands cool and comfortable as well.
White or light-colored fabrics will reflect the sun away from your skin and will not absorb heat into the fabric. However, due to physics, the white fabric will also reflect your own body heat back to your body, which could have the opposite effect you might want. Black or darker blue fabric will absorb heat, yes, however in sunny yet not blazing hot conditions, this could be an ideal color selection.
Here are some of our favorites:
White: These Tsunami Grip 500 Nitrile Work Gloves have a purple nitrile grip coating on the fingers and palms. They are constructed with a nylon shell and knit wrist which offer wearers great grip as well as superb breathability for those hot summer days.
Blue: The MaxiFlex Ultimate Elite 34-274 Ultra Lightweight Nitrile Coated Work Gloves are a nice middle ground between light colors and black. They are super lightweight and 35% more breathable than comparable gloves. They can withstand moderate abrasion risks, offer great grip, while remaining one of the most comfortable gloves on the market.
Gray: The Samurai CR700 Nitrile Grip Cut Resistant Gloves have an ANSI Cut level of 2, which means they can handle mild cut and abrasion hazards. They are constructed to offer great tactile sensitivity and dexterity and feature a foam nitrile dipped palm and fingers that give excellent grip in wet and dry conditions.
Black: These Tsunami Grip 500G Lightweight Nitrile Coated Work Gloves are a great summer solution for your work glove collection. As we mentioned before, black fabric can be a great option to contain heat, especially if the summer heat is only moderate. The black fabric is balanced out by having a lightweight nylon shell construction and just a single nitrile dip, offering grip without the bulk.

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