Finding the Perfect Disposable Glove Fit

Finding the Perfect Disposable Glove Fit
Disposable gloves can be used for virtually any task, but one of the most important things to consider is the fit of your glove. A poor fitting glove can make you less efficient in completing the task at hand.
In some cases, disposable gloves are naturally loose fitting. For example, if you are working in a food prep job, you’d likely be using a vinyl glove that is loose fitting. However, for the vast majority of tasks, you’ll want a well fitting glove that conforms closely to the shape of your hand. If they are too loose they provide inadequate protection against potential contaminates and could even come off while working, leaving your skin exposed to hazards. Additionally, a loose pair of gloves can be uncomfortable and may even cause some sort of skin irritation. It also becomes more difficult to maintain dexterity and proper grip.
If you have a glove that is too small and fits too tightly to your hand, it could result in ripped gloves in the middle of task. Gloves are only meant to stretch a certain amount, and if they’re too tight you have a higher risk of ripping them, leaving your skin exposed to potential hazards. You should always be able to move your hands easily and comfortably in your gloves. 
We’ve also rounded up a few helpful guidelines when it comes to figuring out if your gloves fit you properly.
  1. Length of Glove: You can measure the length of the glove by measuring from the tip of the middle finger to the cuff of the glove. Exam grade disposable gloves are generally a minimum of 9” in length.
  2. Width of Glove: The width of the glove measures the palm, and usually the size guide of a particular glove would give you a guide as to how wide each glove size is. Simply compare that with the width of your own palm, and pick the correct size.
  3. Thickness of Glove: A general rule of thumb is that if you opt for a thinner glove material, you might want to try ordering a size smaller than you normally order to ensure proper fit.
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