Foodservice And Food Processing, Keeping Hair Where It Belongs

No one enjoys the experience of taking a bite of food to be met with a mysterious hair. It’s a total appetite crusher. As workers in the food service and food processing industries, it is so important to take proper precautions to keep your hair tied back and out of the way so that it doesn’t end up in someone’s food.
The food processing industry actually tends to have quite stringent requirements for containing hair of employees, with hair and beard nets as well as sleeves.
Keeping hair out of unsuspecting customers’ food starts at home. The better personal hygiene you have, the more regularly you wash your hair, you reduce the amount of hair that will fall out while on the job, because it’s already been flushed out in the shower.
Hair nets go by different names at times, like bouffant. They also come in a wide variety of bright colors, besides the traditional black and brown, which is actually super helpful because then you’re able to spot from a distance whether or not someone is wearing their hair net properly. Additionally, hair nets come in different formats, some with small weaves, some with larger. Obviously the smaller the weave, the better chance you’ll have of containing the hair.
How do you know if you’re wearing your hair net properly? Follow these steps:
  1. Your hair net should cover all of your hair, and your ears.
  2. Every bit of hair should be contained within the net, no pony tails hanging out.
  3. Every worker needs to wear a hair net in the food processing area, even if they’re bald.
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