G-Tek PolyKor 16-368 and 16-X585: The Next Generation Cut Resistant Glove with Touch Screen Compatibility

G-Tek PolyKor 16-368 and 16-X585: The Next Generation Cut Resistant Glove with Touch Screen Compatibility

This week we’ve got another pair of incredible gloves to introduce you to! These G-Tek work gloves offer some of the most state of the art and revolutionary engineering when it comes to glove fabrication. They are created from the trademarked X7 Technology which creates a yarn that has top notch cut resistance while maintaining a thin liner. This engineered yarn is ultra-thin and lightweight at 18 gauge that gives great durability.


Both of these gloves have knit wrists to keep dirt and debris out of the inside of your gloves and the sizes are color coded on the hem, which makes them easily identifiable.


PolyKor 16-368

These gloves come in with an ANSI rating of A3 which means that they can withstand moderate levels of abrasions, tears, and punctures. Along with the X7 blended yarn, these gloves have their palms and fingers coated with neofoam, which means they are also touch screen compatible. Touch screen compatibility has become one of the most sought after features in work gloves because it is so convenient and increases efficiency. These gloves are sure to last a long time with their reinforced thumb crotch and they are resistant to chemicals, UV rays, and water, and they can be washed to extend their life. With their super durable exterior and lightweight lining, these work gloves are perfect to use in applications like construction, finishing and inspection, electronics, general maintenance, and construction.



PolyKor 16-X585

These gloves come in with a rating of A5 which is one of the higher ratings on the ANSI rating system, They can withstand heavy duty abrasion, cut, and puncture hazards. These gloves are crafted with PolyKor Xrystal which offers a super lightweight shell that has great textile sensitivity, dexterity, as well as cut resistance. These gloves are also coated on the palm and fingers with neofoam, making them touch screen compatible. With the higher rating with ANSI these gloves are appropriately suited for more heavy duty applications like sheet metal handling, parts assembly, handling sharp small parts, construction, electronics, and glass cutting.



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