Gloves Can Help Prevent Spread of Equine Coronavirus

Posted by Melanie Predolich on

Recently a new disease among horses has arisen called the coronavirus which can be really harmful to your horses and cause them to become very ill. If you work in the equine industry you know what a valuable investment horses are and you want to make sure you keep them healthy and in tip top shape. In addition to horses, this disease can also cause gastrointestinal and respiratory issues in humans.
Luckily, this far there have not been any major outbreaks of the coronavirus across different farms. However, it is very important to take precautions where you can to make sure that everyone says healthy and free of disease.
One way to help contain this disease and keep horses and humans healthy, you should begin using disposable gloves when working with and handling horses. This disease is a bit more common in foals, so be especially sure to wear gloves when working with them. You should put on a new pair of gloves for every horse that you handle in order to keep the disease from spreading.
We recommend using a pair of Medical Grade exam gloves because these types of gloves are meant to protect the wearers from bodily fluids and other sanitary and health hazards. You can check out our inventory of disposable medical grade gloves to see what will work best for you. With a nitrile exam glove, you can’t go wrong because they’ll protect you from potential infections and diseases.

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