GloveWorks HD Royal Blue GWRBN Diamond Textured Nitrile

GloveWorks HD Royal Blue GWRBN Diamond Textured Nitrile

Non-traditional colored gloves are not only a fun change to the workplace, but they can also be very beneficial in certain industries.
The Gloveworks GWRBN royal blue nitrile gloves have an aggressive diamond texture on the fingers and palms that allow for superb grip in dry and even wet conditions. This is super helpful when working with small tools or delicate items.
The 6 mil thickness of these nitrile gloves will stand up to a pretty wide range of hazards. Nitrile is inherently resistant to punctures, abrasions, and rips! This means these royal blue nitrile gloves are a great glove for many tasks. Not only that, but these gloves are resistant to many common chemicals found in the automotive industry. And since these disposable gloves are made from nitrile, you won’t have to worry about any latex allergy issues.

In certain industries, like food processing, bringing on another color of disposable nitrile gloves can be very helpful. You can assign different color gloves to certain tasks or work areas so that you can have a clear sign as to whether or not employees are adhering to safety procedures. They are also great for automotive tasks because of their grip and chemical resistance, while the bright blue color will also help employees adhere to safety precautions.

Whether you’re trying to increase employee participation in workplace safety, color coding work areas, or simply looking to brighten up your workspace, these royal blue nitrile gloves are an excellent choice for virtually any task.

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