Hand Protection for the Mining Industry

Posted by Melanie Predolich on

Working in the mining industry is no easy task. There are many risks with taking on this type of employment, even the risk of death. In recent decades, after facing some pretty tragic mining accidents, many more regulations have been put in place to protect miners from injury and death.
With the increase in research, development, and technology, some mines are even moving towards more automated systems, where humans aren’t even required to enter the mine shaft. Even still, we must address the safety concerns and protection procedures that should be in place when humans are working in and around mines.
One of the most common injuries in the mining industry is pinched fingers. Injuries like this shouldn’t just be cast aside as something that is “part of the job”, rather, this is a hazard that can be protected against with proper glove usage and workplace awareness.
One of the best types of work gloves to use in a mining work environment are impact resistant gloves. These gloves are constructed with protective pads on your knuckles, which help protect against injuries that occur from tools and equipment slipping in oily conditions.

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