Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves Have More to Offer

Posted by Melanie Predolich on

No matter what industry you find yourself in, heavy duty nitrile gloves are an excellent option for you and your employees. We love heavy duty nitrile gloves because they are free from allergy risks that are common with their latex counterparts, and they have excellent chemical and abrasion resistance across the board.
The Gloveworks HD Nitrile Gloves are an excellent multi-purpose option for any job. They come in an 8 mil thickness and a 6 mil thickness, with a variety of color options. They are durable and strong enough to protect wearers against punctures, abrasions, and chemicals. With all this protection, the gloves still do not sacrifice on comfort or tactile sensitivity.
These heavy-duty nitrile gloves are perfect for janitorial, automotive, manufacturing, and plumbing applications. Many of these applications require the use of chemicals and solvents that are harmful to our skin, and so nitrile gloves will help protect against injury. We love the bright green and orange hi-vis colors for low-lit environments such as garages or other industrial applications.
We love the Gloveworks HD blue nitrile gloves for the food service industry. It is great to utilize a bright color in this industry because it increases compliance and instills confidence in patrons when they see employees utilizing gloves. If a piece of the glove were to accidentally break off, you would be able to spot it quickly before the food was packaged, cooked, or served. In the food service industry, using these heavy-duty nitrile gloves helps to minimize cross contamination between food and helps to minimize the spread of germs and di

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