History of Leather Work Gloves

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The earliest evidence of leather being used as protection against tools and equipment was over 2 million years ago during the stone age.
Then, about 30,000-40,000 years ago we can see the development that humans made with leather goods as they began to perfect the construction of leather soles for shoes.
In ancient Egypt, about 12,000 ancient tanneries began popping up, used particularly to construct items for chariots, bow cases, and harnesses. As time progressed and weapons became more sophisticated, leather became more phased out as armor because it simply wasn’t strong enough to protect against this new weaponry. However, leather was still used in the construction of leg coverings and a certain kind of armor called brigandine armor wear leather was woven between steel plates, which maintains protection as well as dexterity.
During the Industrial Revolution, the need for gloves became more prevalent as manufacturing plants became more common. In 1760 a small village in New York City called Gloversville got its name on the map when the tanneries began booming and the glove and leather industry grew rapidly. Gloversville was an industry staple for nearly a century.

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