How Safety Has Evolved Over the Years

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No matter what industry you find yourself employed in, there is no doubt that safety is one of the key focus points when it comes to completing tasks. An awareness of safety is actually something that humans have built in, it is a natural instinct to react to a dangerous situation. You might recognize the term “fight of flight”. This sort of behavior-based safety protocol has existed for centuries because it is applicable in any circumstance; from nature to the workforce.
However, behavior-based safety often diminishes in its effect once individuals become more acclimated to their environment and don’t recognize hazards in such severe light because they’ve become used to them. Once this happens, you lack the awareness to scan your work place for potential hazards and threats and you begin to put more trust in the machinery and tools you’re using to keep you safe.
While you can depend on gloves and other personal protective equipment to a certain degree, no piece of protective equipment is 100% hazard proof. You have got to work to maintain awareness of your surroundings. It is much better to be proactive than reactive.
One way to get back to this instinct we were all born with is through behavior-based safety training. This includes training employees on general safety procedures, giving them a big picture look at how the work environment flows, and protocols that are in place in the event of a hazardous incident. This also plays into creating a culture of safety in the work place. Once you can achieve this sort of culture, where everyone is aware of their surroundings and working in a proactive way, you’ll see a significant reduction in injuries in the workplace.

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