How to Clean Leather Work Gloves: Maintaining Warm Tactical Gloves

How to Clean Leather Work Gloves: Maintaining Warm Tactical Gloves

Whether you’re engaged in construction work or practicing welding, your leather gloves definitely get dirty. Though washing is indeed the only way to enhance the lifespan of your gloves and bring back its shine, just throwing them for a wash in a laundry is not the best solution to eliminate the dirt and filth from your gloves.

When leather is initially extracted from the skin of an animal, it is enormously thick. That is the reason why the same is split into two major layers i.e., grain and split. Due to its amazing appearance and a wide variety of uses, the grain leather i.e., the top layer is very expensive. At the same time, split-leather, the bottom portion of the animal's skin, commonly known as suede leather pure possess higher abrasion resistance, amazing flexibility, and high puncture resistance. Usually, the warm tactical gloves are designed of suede leather as the same is flexible, durable, and soft. when these gloves become dirty, they are liable to get rigid and become troublesome to wear. There is no doubt that leather work gloves have a tendency to last for several years only if they are cleaned regularly and maintained properly. Now the question is ‘how to clean leather work gloves?' If you desire to enhance the durability of your gloves then here I am presenting some major tips to clean this wearable easily.

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Are you tired of washing your gloves constantly but couldn’t remove the harsh stains and dirt? Follow the below-mentioned tips of cleaning your leather work gloves and observe the amazing results.

Step 1: Brush off the grime and dirt from the gloves using a toothbrush

Usually, the filth collected in your gloves can be easily erased brushing them appropriately using a detergent. However, utilizing your old toothpaste to wipe out the filth is considered to be one of the best washing hacks. Make sure to cover the entire corners of the gloves especially the fingertips as most of the filth get collected at this section.

Step 2: Add the gloves in the bucket filled with water and add detergent

Once you have thoroughly rubbed the gloves, the next step is to add the gloves in the bucket filled with cold water. Add one and a half cup of any liquid detergent in the bucket along with one tablespoon of salt.
Step 3: Put your leather work gloves in the soapy solution
Place your gloves in the solution and rub off the grime and dirt using your hands. Put the gloves for at least 10-15 minutes in the solution and then rub it.

Step 4: fill another bucket with cold water and place the gloves inside it

Once you have completely rubbed the gloves and have removed the hard stains spot from the same, take out the gloves from the soapy solution. Fill another bucket with fresh cold water and place your gloves in the bucker to rinse off the entire solution from gloves.
Step 5: squeeze and remove the soapy solution from your gloves

In order to eliminate the soapy solution and water, squeeze the gloves softly in a downward motion. Slot in a clothespin in the inner portion of the entire fingertips of both the gloves to preserve the fingers from losing its original shape.
Step 6: hang the gloves outside to let it dry

Allow your gloves sometime to get completely dry and make sure to take out the clothespin from the fingers of your gloves once it gets dry.


These were the steps that can aid you to remove out all the dirt and grime from your leather work gloves and enhance the lifespan of it.


Guest blog post by Jennifer Branett

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