How to Stay Warm While Working Outside in the Winter

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If you live in colder climates, you know how important it is to consider the equipment you use when working outside during the winter months. Without proper protection, you could be facing serious bodily harm like hypothermia or frostbite.
When working in cold weather conditions, you should always keep an eye out for symptoms of hypothermia, wear plenty of layers, keep moving to generate body heat, and have a warm beverage or soup on hand to keep your core body temperature high.
When it comes to clothes, in our case gloves, that you wear on the job, you should look for gloves that have three distinct layers. The first layer, nearest to your skin is the wicking layer, which should push moisture away from your skin and to the next layer. The middle layer is an insulating layer that helps to trap the necessary heat in the glove so you stay warm while working. And finally, there should be a water proof outer layer that will work to keep cold weather moisture out and away from your skin.
We’ve rounded up three of our top picks for cold condition work gloves.
  1. 380INT Ice Gripster High Visibility Cold Condition Work Glove
These gloves have two layers, the first is a 7 gauge acrylic terry cloth that adds warmth, and the outer layer is a double dipped nylon shell. The first coating is a smooth rubber which creates a water proof protective layer followed by a foam rubber that gives the wearer excellent grip in wet and dry conditions.
  1. Frogwear 8490 Waterproof Insulated Triple Dipped Gloves
These triple layer gloves start an insulating brushed terry cloth liner. Then the glove features a seamless triple dip in PVC with an added sand paper grip, making these gloves waterproof, chemical resistant, and perfect for gripping in wet and dry conditions.
  1. Frogwear 8450 Waterproof Extreme Cold Gloves
These awesome gloves have a honeycomb mesh interior with trademarked Cold Keep insulation, a 2-inch-thick heavy velvet interior, an outer anti-freeze nitrile layer, sand paper grip, and are chemical resistant. Basically, they are suitable for the coldest of conditions that you might face.

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