Importance of Safety Glasses in the Workplace

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It can be easy to neglect our eyes when it comes to protecting them in the workplace. Without obvious hazards, proper protection for our eyes may be one of the last things we consider. However, there are very serious potential injuries that could arise, including blindness.
Using proper safety glasses can help prevent foreign objects from causing damage to your eyes. Foreign objects could be anything from small pieces of debris, to chemicals, to miniscule dust particles.
Protective safety glasses can also help to protect your eyes from hazardous splashes from substances including, but not limited to: oils, steam, or chemicals.
Another aspect of protection to consider is UV light. If you work for an extended period of time outdoors, or somewhere you’re exposed to UV light you need to make sure you have glasses that protect against this. Extended exposure to UV light is one of the leading causes of serious eye problems, including cataracts.
If you work long hours in front of some type of computer screen, you’re not exempt from needing proper eye protection. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) results from long hours staring at a screen and you may begin to experience eye strain, dry eyes, and even blurred vision. Finding and using coated glasses to block the appropriate light frequency will help prevent you from experiencing CVS.
The main industries that can surely benefit from the use of proper eye protection include: welding, construction, maintenance, manufacturing, mechanics, and carpentry. However, you should also consider using eye protection when completing projects around home. You should especially consider using protective safety glasses whenever you are shooting off fireworks.

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