Introducing the FrogWear 8450 Extreme Cold Weather Glove

Introducing the FrogWear 8450 Extreme Cold Weather Glove

Believe it or not the cold weather is right around the corner. If you live and work in an environment where the cold weather really hits those low digits, then you’ll really want to pay attention to the glove of the week!


These gloves are ideal for super frigid temperatures because they will keep your hands nice and warm, while allowing you to maintain the necessary dexterity and range of motion for most jobs. These gloves are 12 inches, which means they will reach up to your mid fore-arm, giving you additional protection and warmth. They are constructed from an orange nitrile that is engineered to be “anti-freeze” up to a whopping -50 degrees Farenheight. The inside of the glove is made from state of the art honeycomb mesh with Cold Keep insulation. The 2 inch cuff is constructed from a heavy velvet material which enhances warmth by keeping cold air in and locking warm air inside the glove.
Some other incredible features of this glove include the sandpaper grip, reflective cuff, and the winged thumb. All of these features will allow the wearer to work with great efficiency, dexterity, and comfort. In addition to protecting against extreme cold, these gloves have excellent resistance against a wide variety of chemicals.
Be sure to keep these gloves in mind as you prepare for the upcoming cold weather.

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