Introducing the Gripster 440 Double Dipped All Weather Glove

Introducing the Gripster 440 Double Dipped All Weather Glove

This week, we are excited to let you know about a new work glove that will carry you through every season of 2017. You are sure to like it, so keep reading to find out more.
The Gripster 440 is a groundbreaking glove that is constructed from a 15-gauge nylon liner and a double dipped latex coating, altogether forming a very lightweight glove. Even the double dipped latex coatings are unique. The first coating is extremely advanced latex foam that is a superbly breathable layer. That first layer allows your hands to remain cool, dry, and flexible. And finally, that second latex coating is something called a wrinkle finish latex. This is the layer that will provide wearers with great grip in both wet and dry conditions. Because of the waterproof latex coating on these gloves, they are perfectly suited for businesses or individuals who need to do some winter car washing.


This is an ideal glove because it brings together all of the qualities consumers want in a work glove. It offers excellent dexterity and breathable comfort as well as some really great levels of grip capability in wet, oily, and dry conditions. The Gripster 440 also boasts an open cuff, which makes it very easy to put on and take off your gloves.
Since this is such a well-rounded and versatile glove, it can really be used in so many different applications. These gloves could be used in construction, gardening and agriculture, automotive industries, manufacturing, railways, and many general and all-around tasks.
If your environment is a little chillier and you would prefer some added warmth while wearing your Gripster 440 gloves, you could add a base thermal layer underneath your glove. Check out our favorites here.

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