Introducing The New  AMMEX GWGN GloveWorks Heavy Duty Green Nitrile

Introducing The New AMMEX GWGN GloveWorks Heavy Duty Green Nitrile


Just in time for the Christmas season, we are excited to introduce a new nitrile glove in a vibrant new green color, sure to bring cheer to your work place. But more than just festive spirit, there are some great reasons that you’ll want to get your hands in these Heavy Duty Green Nitrile Gloves as soon as you can.
Greater Performance
These heavy duty green gloves are designed with over 3000 raised diamonds per glove! This means first of all, that the gloves have an incredible amount of grip that can take on any environment, whether wet or dry. This diamond texture also allows for liquid to pass through the channels created by the many diamonds, enabling greater surface area.


GloveWorks GWGN 8 Mil Green Nitrile
Greater Protection
These green gloves are industrial grade and can therefore provide a superb barrier against a wide variety of commonly used chemicals including pesticides, brake fluid or other specialty chemicals like iodine. And the powder free finish ensures that you won’t damage any finishes on adhesives or paints. These heavy duty gloves are perfect for any industrial application.
Greater Safety
This new green glove boasts a thickness ranging from 8-9 mil which offers wearers the unique combination of the protection of a thicker disposable glove and the dexterity characteristic of a thinner disposable glove. They offer enhanced safety because of their bright and vibrant color, which helps workers to remain accountable to using safety equipment like gloves.

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