Introducing the New G-Tek NEOFOAM Coated Work Gloves

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We are excited to bring you a brand new coated work glove that will serve well in a wide variety of applications. We’re confident you’ll find them to be one of your favorite gloves. Check out what makes them great, below.
G-Tek® 34-600 and 34-605 NeoFoam Coated Touch Screen Work Gloves:
The main feature of these gloves is their NeoFoam coating. This state of the art coating is a water based PU material which offers outstanding grip and abrasion resistance. This NeoFoam coating is found on the fingertips, and palms for a well-rounded experience. The 35-603 and 35-608 models have additional NeoFoam coating on the knuckles, which increases protection against oily conditions.
These gloves are constructed from a seamless knit nylon, which at 15 gauge offers great protection while maintaining comfort, dexterity and breathability. Each glove has a knit wrist which helps keep debris out of your glove while working. The hems are also color coded according to size for convenience.
The 34-600 and 36-605 models are blue and are constructed with a material that is lighter weight and is perfect for tasks that require fine dexterity. The earth tone gloves, 34-605 and 34-608 are constructed from a double strand weave, which makes them much more durable and suitable for heavy duty tasks.
G-Tek Neofoam is touch screen compatible:
Perhaps one of the most exciting new features that these NeoFoam work gloves have is the fact that they are touch screen compatible. This is such a great feature because it allows employees to utilize tablets or other touch screen devices on the job without wasting precious time removing and replacing gloves just to use the device. This will help to increase efficiency in the workplace.
With all these great features, these gloves can be used for a long list of situations such as: maintenance, manufacturing, wiring, small parts handing, shipping, assembly, operating machines, assembly, and more.

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