Introducing the New Ice Gripster 380INT Cold Weather, Water Resistant Work Glove

Posted by Melanie Predolich on

We’re excited to introduce these new work gloves just as winter is on the horizon. These gloves have been designed to withstand water as well as cold temperatures.
They’re constructed from two seamless layers. The first is a 7-gauge acrylic terry cloth material, covered by a 13-gauge nylon shell. This double layer construction is finished by a double coating. The first coat on the glove is a full dip in smooth rubber, which creates an excellent barrier against liquids. The second dip over this smooth rubber is a dip of just the palm in foam rubber, which offers the wearers superb grip in both wet and dry situations.
A few other notable features of this glove include: a nice and warm interior as a result of the seamless brushed material. The knit wrist makes for a secure glove that prevents slippage. Additionally, these Ice Gripster gloves are a high-vis orange color which helps with safety compliance.
With the resistance to cold temperatures as well as liquid repellence, these gloves are perfectly suited for a wide range of industries, including: carpentry, construction, warehouse tasks, commercial fishing, frozen food handling, and really any job where you’ll be encountering cold temperatures and moisture.

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