Introducing the New MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ AD-APT 42-874

Introducing the New MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ AD-APT 42-874

We love bringing you the newest and greatest gloves on the market, especially when we know that they will make a world of difference for your work environment.
One major problem that these new gloves help to solve is breathability and cool hands. As you can see from the diagram below, these gloves significantly reduce hot zones that interfere with efficiency in work.
These gloves are constructed to have 360 degrees of breathability, and also uses new revolutionary technology called AD-APT which works to keep wearers hands as dry and cool as possible. It works by releasing tiny capsules of natural cooling agents on the interior of the glove near the palm. Cool, dry, and protected hands make for more productive workers because their hands are comfortable all day.

MaxiFlex 42-874 AD-APT

In addition to this incredible technology, the MaxiFlex 42-874 AD-APT are also treated with a micro foam nitrile exterior coating which helps enhance grip in wet, oily, and dry conditions as well as moderate abrasion resistance. This nitrile coating also plays a role in the incredible 360 degree breathability.

You might find that these are the most comfortable gloves you’ve ever worn. They are 25% thinner than other comparable gloves, which enhances the fit and feel of these gloves, yet also maintains the needed protection. These gloves are constructed in a way that the interior of the glove has a soft and comfortable lining, so your hands stay comfortable all day long.
We are excited for you to try out this new work glove that we’re sure will change how you view gloves.

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