Keeping Your Hands Warm While Working Outside in Winter

Keeping Your Hands Warm While Working Outside in Winter

With winter in full swing, we’ve rounded up a few tips that will help you keep your hands warm while working outside. Take a look and be sure to adopt a few of your favorite ideas to implement.


  1. Stay Warm from the Get Go: The number one priority for you is to start your work day with warm hands as opposed to trying to warm up your frigid fingers. Purchase a warm pair of gloves with adequate lining that will keep your original warmth inside your gloves.
  2. Avoid Water: You should invest in a pair of waterproof gloves that will keep moisture from coming in from the environment. Keeping your hands dry will in turn keep them warmer throughout the day.
  3. Wicking Layers: Similarly to avoiding water, you should be aware of the layers you utilize and make sure that you’re able to wick away moisture from your hands. When your hands begin to sweat inside your gloves, the heat is actually drawn away from your hands and your hands get colder. Starting off with a wicking base layer glove underneath another waterproof glove will give you options for when you are working in different environments.
  4. Avoid Cotton: Cotton is one of the worst materials to wear to try and stay warm. This is due the fact that when it gets wet, the cotton extracts heat out of your body. It has very poor insulating characteristics.

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