Locksmiths and Hand Protection: 3 Things They Need

Locksmiths and Hand Protection: 3 Things They Need

You may or may not realize the dangers that arise when working as a locksmith. Often times, individuals who work as a locksmith may take into account some of the hazards, but neglect to acknowledge others and take them seriously. We’ve rounded up what we believe are the top three vital areas of protection you need in your work gloves.


  1. Protect Against Chemicals: In the world of locksmiths, there is a high frequency use of chemicals. While many of the chemicals used may not be extremely strong, it is still very important to take note of the level of chemical resistance your work gloves have. If you are working with a weaker chemical but still have gloves that are not very chemical resistant, then you still run the risk of injury or other health risks. No matter the duration you handle chemicals or the strength of the chemicals themselves, it is important to find gloves with adequate chemical resistance for your particular situation.
  2. Maintaining Integrity with Law Enforcement: This may seem like a strange requirement to ask of a glove, but for forensic locksmiths this is especially important to consider. When a forensic locksmith is asked to come onto a crime scene to assist law enforcement personnel with a lock, they should wear some sort of glove at all times out of respect for the environment. You do not want to contaminate a crime scene under investigation with your fingerprints, so wearing gloves is a must. You may need to use another pair of gloves when working on the lock, because you never know what type of dangerous or illegal substances you will come in contact with.
  3. No Loss of Dexterity: Finesse and tactile sensitivity are absolutely necessary when working as a locksmith. You are constantly working with small and fine tools and pieces, which you must be able to handle efficiently. When shopping for a glove, look for one with a low millimeter thickness that will offer you the protection and dexterity you need.


As a locksmith, gloves will help protect your health, your integrity, and your reputation.

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