MaxiDry Zero 56-451: Now Available in the USA!

Posted by Melanie Predolich on

We’re excited to introduce you to the MaxiDry Zero 56-451 insulated cold condition work glove that has hopped the pond to the USA from Europe, just in time for the colder seasons ahead of us. Keep reading to find out about some of the key features that will make you want to get this glove before the first snow hits.

First of all, this glove brings together two key things, cold resistance and flexibility. The glove is constructed with a thermal material that will keep your hands warm and comfortable in temperatures as cold as 14° F. It also has a nitrile coating as well as a state of the art coating that makes the gloves liquid repellant. With all of this coating, the gloves still remain flexible down to -22° F. Not only does the coating protect against liquid penetration, but the nitrile coating enhances the grip of the gloves, which will certainly come in handy during cold winter months.
Something really unique this glove can do is create even greater protection against liquid when necessary. The wearer can fold the cuff up to create a reservoir that will collect liquid. The MaxiDry Zero glove can be laundered, making it a great investment that can be used time and again.
For anyone working in an environment where you’ll experience prolonged cold and wet conditions, these gloves are a no-brainer! Get on board with this fresh item, new to the US.

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