MaxiFoam Lite 34-900 Work Glove: Tremendous Grip, Maximized Dexterity and Lightweight

Posted by Melanie Predolich on

We have an exciting new work glove just in time for the summer months. This glove has a super lightweight construction offered through its seamless, one-piece nylon shell. The fact that the glove is one piece increases comfort, breathability, and tactile sensitivity and dexterity.
The glove is coated with a foam nitrile, which is one of the best types of coatings for work gloves. The texture of this foam nitrile is unique when compared to the popular MaxiFlex 34-874. In our opinion the grippiest foam nitrile ATG has engineered to date. It offers wearers excellent grip in virtually all environments including oils and other moist environments. The surface of this glove is also specially designed to direct oil and liquid away from the glove, which once again increases grip ability. This also helps to keep hands nice and dry. The surface of the glove has an additional light coating which allows the glove to be more flexible with greater dexterity, giving workers the ability to perform tasks that require use of small parts or delicate tools.
Another great feature is that this glove is a dark grey color, which allows them to look “clean” longer. While they don’t really stay permanently clean, the darker color of this glove camouflages stains and dirty spots on the gloves. The MaxiFoam Lite work glove is created in a way that produces minimal dust and lint, helping to keep workspaces clean and dust free.
This glove is perfectly suitable for use in situations like horticulture, micro-engineering, machining, general assembly, automotive, painting, and general maintenance tasks.

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