Our Top 5 Picks for Winter Work Gloves

Our Top 5 Picks for Winter Work Gloves

With winter well on the way, we’ve got a round up of our favorite work gloves that are perfect for the cold weather months ahead. Take a look and pick your favorite to purchase or add to your wish list for the holidays.
Samurai CR317INT Insulated Cut Resistant Gloves

These gloves are constructed to be a triple threat! They are water repellant, insulate, and cut resistant. They feature a 10-gauge terry cloth liner inside the shell of the glove, which helps to keep your hands nice and warm and dry. The shell is engineered from a Tuffalene brand shell which offers an ANSI cut level resistance of 5. This high ANSI rating means these gloves can withstand moderate to heavy duty cut and puncture hazards. In addition, they feature a black form latex dip on the palms and fingers, added additional grip for all situations.
Ice Gripster 388INT Water Repellant Thermal Insulated Cold Condition Work Glove

These bright orange gloves certainly won’t get lost in the crowd! They are constructed with a seamless knit and a super heavy-duty nylon shell, which is actually constructed out of 2 layers of nylon. This durable glove will keep your hands comfortable and warm for a full work day. They have great thermal insulation and are well fitting and repel moisture away from your skin. They have an etched flat dipped latex finish on the palm and fingers that offer an aggressive grip for cold, dry, and wet conditions. These will really serve you well in the most frigid of temperatures.
Premium Deerskin Leather Gloves

These cheery yellow leather work gloves will brighten up your winter work months! These premium grade deerskin leather gloves are super for the cold weather because they are constructed with 100 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation that keeps your hands warm, dry and comfortable all day. Many consider deerskin to be the supplest leather, and this glove is the Cadillac of its class. You’ll experience excellent dexterity and comfort with this glove because of the deerskin and because it has a stitched in keystone thumb that significantly improves your range of motion. Additionally, the leather will not become stiff after getting wet.
Frogwear 8450 Waterproof Extreme Cold Nitrile Gloves

If you’re facing extreme, frigid temperatures, then these bright orange gloves are perfect for you. These gloves are engineered from an anti-freeze nitrile that can withstand temperatures as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit. Inside, there’s a honeycomb mesh interior, in addition to a great layer of insulation. They’ve got a 2-inch velvet cuff that will keep you nice and cozy in those cold temperatures. The sandpaper grip will be suitable for wet and dry conditions. One of the most unique things about these gloves are that they are waterproof and chemical resistant to many common chemicals.
Frogwear 8490 Waterproof Insulated Triple Dipped PVC Chemical Resistant Gloves

These fun blue gloves are seamlessly constructed and are triple dipped. These 12-inch gloves have a sandpaper grip, which offers grip in wet and dry conditions. The seamless brushed terrycloth lining will keep your hands dry and warm while you work. This terrycloth liner flexes with the PVC glove and allows you full range of movement and dexterity. These gloves can survive in temperatures as low as -5 degrees Fahrenheit. They are also resistant to a variety of common chemicals.

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