PolyMed Latex Gloves are Available Again!

Posted by Melanie Predolich on

This is an important product update for any of you who regularly purchase PolyMed Latex Exam Gloves!
These popular gloves had been distributed for a long period of time from Sempermed in the past. A while back Sempermed suddenly stopped distributing this product. It was a bit of a mystery as to why these gloves were discontinued by Sempermed. After a little research, we discovered a company called SRI LANG was in fact, the actual manufacturer of the PolyMed gloves. The manufacturer SRI LANG still produces these gloves and is now distributing the gloves through their own subsidiary, Ventyv.
So, long story short, if you have been wondering what happened to your PolyMed Latex Exam Gloves, they are still around and are one again available for purchase!
If you’ve never used these gloves, you should definitely check them out! They are specially manufactured with synthetic polymers infused into the latex. This creates a glove that is multi-layered that makes the most of elasticity and protects against glove cracking. They’re very popular for dental and medical offices.

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