Pros and Cons of Thick vs Thin Disposable Gloves

When it comes to selecting the thickness of disposable gloves, it can get confusing. Why are thin gloves better for some cases and thick gloves preferable for other circumstances?


We’ve compiled a classic pros and cons list when it comes to these different thicknesses so that you can easily determine what is best for you.


Thin Gloves



  • Maintain tactile sensitivity and dexterity

  • More cost effective

  • Take up less storage space

  • Comfortable



  • Higher risk of punctures and tears

  • Typically less chemical resistant

  • Less durable


Thick Gloves



  • Lower risk of punctures and tears

  • Better suited for janitorial or automotive

  • Great durability

  • Ideal for the medical industry



  • Less dexterity and tactile sensitivity

  • More expensive

  • Take up more storage space

  • Less comfortable

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