Several Ways to Reduce your Work Glove Cost

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We’re always looking for ways to save some money and be a little more economical. The same is true for work gloves, especially if you are an employer and are providing work gloves for your employees. We’ve gathered some practical tips that will help you be more cost effective with your work glove purchases while still offering adequate protection for your crew.


  1. Purchase the Gloves you Actually Need: With such a wide variety of gloves with as many features available, it can be easy to be overcome with wanting to purchase the newest and best glove on the market. In order to save on costs, we’d encourage you to honestly assess the risks associated with the tasks you’re buying gloves for and then purchase gloves that have sufficient protective features for that glove. There is no need to buy the gloves with all the bells and whistles if those extra features are not actually adding to the protection you need for your specific task.
  2. Re-evaluate your Glove Material: Leather has been a common material for work gloves for quite some time. However, with new technology on the rise, work gloves can be manufactured using synthetic knit yarn material that are super strong and durable but are much cheaper than leather. In fact, you’ll probably prefer a synthetic knit because they’re more comfortable, more breathable, and maintain dexterity while offering strength.
  3. Employ a Glove Replacement Policy: To avoid over use of gloves and from employees taking gloves home and potentially losing them or damaging them, develop a policy where employees can turn in their worn-out gloves for a new pair. You’ll want to keep a log where employees can track their glove use which will in turn help managers and supervisors to pinpoint segments of time or certain tasks that might require a different type of glove that is more appropriately suited to the task.
  4. Wash Regularly: Most work gloves are fabricated so that they can be laundered regularly. By washing gloves regularly, you’ll be able to prolong their life and thus save you money on buying gloves.
  5. Plan, Test, Buy: It is ok to engage your employees in a trial period of different gloves. You want to get to the point where every task/job segment is using the same type of glove. You don’t want to be purchasing multiple types of gloves for different employees performing the same task. Take time to do some research, run trial periods with a selection of gloves and then determine which glove is the best suited for the particular task.
  6. Use Glove Clips: We’ve got a great product that will help employees to keep track of their gloves while they’re not in use. It is easy to lose a pair of work gloves in the hustle and bustle of the worksite, so these gloves clips will help to minimize loss and therefore minimize cost.

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