Some Gloves We Recommend for the Pulp and Paper Industry

Some Gloves We Recommend for the Pulp and Paper Industry

If you work in the paper and pulp industry, you know that there are many very hazardous pieces of machinery and equipment that you encounter every day, like chippers, saws, nail guns, and rollers. Due to the nature of the job, these machines are extremely sharp and you must take very intentional precautions to ensure that there are not any injuries, especially on your hands.
We’ve rounded up a few of our top recommendations for gloves that will be perfect to put to use in any paper mills.
G-Tek PolyKor Xrystal NeoFoam Coated Cut Resistant Work Glove

This is an excellent glove that offers some really incredible features, as well as has a rating of A5 on the ANSI rating system. This rating means these gloves can withstand pretty hefty conditions and will protect you from relatively severe hazards. The PolyKor Xrystal shell is a super lightweight construction which allows the wearer to maintain tactile sensitivity, dexterity, and resistance against cuts. The NeoFoam coating is also really great because it provides excellent abrasion resistance and great grip in wet and dry conditions. To top it off, this glove is touchscreen compatible which means you can maximize efficiency by not having to remove your gloves to handle mobile devices.
Vice Gripster CIA617 Impact Resistant Work Glove

This glove is also a superb choice for working in the pulp and paper industry because they are super presentative. They are constructed from a seamless shell and has a nitrile coating that allows for great grip in oily, wet, and dry conditions. There is even additional protection on the back of your hands with silicone reinforcement that protects against impact.
Samurai CRX5 Hi Vis Cut Resistant Work Glove

This High Vis option is constructed with a 10 Gauge High Visibility Tuffalene® HDPE Shell. This  glove has excellent durability and will last a long time, as well as is breathable and comfortable. It is also rated at an A5 level, making it a very protective option.

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