Some Household Cleaning Products You May Want to Avoid If you Have Allergies

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Cleaning products are often associated with images of spotless homes and healthy, happy families. Sadly, the reality is much farther away from the happy fantasy shown in cleaning advertisements. Many cleaning products contain chemicals that are harmful to humans, and these toxic chemicals are particularly damaging to children who are still growing. Research from both the University of Minnesota and the Consumer Protection Safety Commission has found that many regularly used cleaning products have caused an alarming increase in health conditions. Many cleaning products contain ingredients such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and sodium lauryl sulphate. Though most people know that ingesting or inhaling large amounts of these chemicals is problematic, many are shocked to realize that even trace amounts of these chemicals can have a nasty effect. Cancer, asthma, allergies, and birth defects have all been linked to these common cleaning chemicals, so you should try to clean your home with naturally produced cleaning agents whenever possible.

For more detailed insight into these cleaning products, please take a moment to read this fantastic article written by Phoebe Parlade.

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