Some of our Favorite Work Gloves in Four Categories

Some of our Favorite Work Gloves in Four Categories

This week we’ve rounded up some of our favorite work gloves from across several different categories, so no matter what this summer brings you, you’ll be ready to go.
When it comes to leather work gloves, hands down, our favorite is this Deerskin Leather Driver Glove. First of all, this glove is constructed from deerskin which is one of the supplest types of leather, which makes for super dexterous and pliable gloves. Deerskin can also withstand getting wet repeatedly without becoming stiff. This deerskin glove has a keystone thumb, which allows for greater range of motion while working. Over time, the leather will begin to conform to your hand.

Gardening Gloves:
Summer time is for gardening. Check out these men’s gardening gloves or these women’s gloves. The Boss Guard Men’s Extended Sleeve Garden Gloves are constructed from a synthetic leather. These gloves are perfect especially if you work with thorny plants like rose bushes because the extended arm will protect your forearms from getting scratched. The wing thumb maximizes comfort and the grips on the middle, index, and thumb will help you work in the garden with ease. We have a women’s version of the Boss Guard Extended Sleeve Garden Glove which come in smaller sizes and fun colors. We also have a Women’s Goatskin Leather Work Glove. These goatskin gloves remain flexible and soft even after getting wet, they have a spandex back which makes them super breathable and they feature a keystone glove for added mobility.

Cut Resistant:
Our favorite cut resistant work glove is the Samurai CR377. This glove is super lightweight and is constructed seamlessly. It rates at an ANSI level 4 for cut resistance which means it can withstand some pretty heavy-duty puncture and abrasion hazards. They’re created with a special wrapping process that helps these gloves to have an extremely high level of cut protection without the bulk; they protect you while allowing you to maintain the dexterity you need. Additionally, they wick away moisture to keep your hands dry and comfortable as you work.

General Purpose & Maximum Dexterity:
The MaxiFlex Ultimate Nitirile Work Glove is a super lightweight glove perfect for working all day. They have become super popular because they are able to keep hands cool and dry while also offering super grip with the micro-foam nitrile coating. These are some of the most state of the art gloves with lots of great features including all around breathability, smoothed and rounded fingertips that enhance fingertip sensitivity, soft interior liner, and excellent fit.
And finally, the Tsunami Grip 500NFT Is an excellent nitrile coated work glove featuring a 15 gauge nylon shell. This glove is a great general-purpose glove because of its excellent fit, dexterity, and breathability. The nitrile coating allows for great grip in wet, oily, and dry situations.

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