Some Really Great Benefits of Touch Screen Work Gloves

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We all know how important it is to wear gloves when you’re working in a potentially hazardous situation, with tools or machinery that could cause injury to your hands. By wearing gloves while working, you significantly reduce your chance of being injured on the job.
Research has shown that one of the most vulnerable times during the work day is when gloves have been removed for a brief moment to use a tablet or other touch screen device. Nowadays, with the ubiquity of technology, it is no surprise that these sorts of devices are showing up on construction sites, automotive garages, and other traditionally blue-collar work environments. Software and apps are used to track projects, keep up to date with clients, and a wide variety of other tasks.
With this widespread use of technology, many glove manufacturers and developers have worked to eliminate the need to remove gloves (therefore removing protection) to utilize touch screen devices. Now, there are many different types of touch screen compatible gloves on the market that will offer you the cut, puncture, and abrasion resistance you need, while allowing you to effectively use tablets and smart phones. Even if you don’t regularly use touch screen technology in your work place, you may require an extra level of dexterity or tactile sensitivity, which can be found through touch screen compatible work gloves.
PUG 14TS Touch Screen Work Glove: This glove is perfectly suited for use in the automotive industry because it offers incredible dexterity, tactile sensitivity, and grip for oily conditions.
G-TEK-16X580 Cut Resistant Touch Screen Work Gloves: This glove is ideal for construction sites or other environments where you’ll regularly be handling tools. With the bright color, it is easy to spot compliance. The Foam Nitrile coating offers great grip and has an ANSI 5 cut resistance rating, which means it offers great protection.

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