Some Tips to Help Reduce Hand Injury in Food Manufacturing

Posted by Melanie Predolich on

With hand injuries totaling nearly 20,000 each year in the food manufacturing industry, we’ve rounded up a few unique and helpful tips that will help you and your employees mitigate injuries and remain productive and efficient.
  1. Implement Pre-Shift Warm Ups: Employees who work in this industry are performing repetitive motions throughout the day which are the leading causes of strains and sprains. By implementing a routine that includes stretches and warm-up exercises, you can help your employees to prepare for the day ahead.
  2. Take Precautions Against Slips: When an employee slips and/or falls in the workplace, they can end up with sprains or even broken bones. By taking proper precautions like installing non-slip flooring and mandating slip-resistant shoes, you can help prevent these types of injuries.
  3. Establish Machine Guidelines: The hefty equipment used in food manufacturing can have the potential for serious injury if the employee gets cut by a sharp blade or comes into contact with a machine’s pinch point. You can install machine guards, barriers, and covers that will add extra protection between workers and the machine. You can also initiate lockout processes that will prevent the machine from starting unexpectedly during maintenance or cleaning.
Hopefully you learned something new that you can take back to your work environment to make it a little bit safer!

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