Spring is Here and It’s Time to Tackle the Landscaping

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 So what gloves might be the best fit for that spring landscaping?
As the weather warms up and the snow begins to thaw, the landscaping tasks begin to pile up. No matter what type of landscaping task you’re tackling, it is a good idea to consider purchasing some gloves to protect yourself and employees from the hazards of the garden.
You’ll want to find gloves that have a good puncture resistance to keep you safe from those thorny bushes and leaves as well as branches and metal yard edging. In addition, you’ll likely be handling different types of fertilizers and pesticides which, when in contact with bare skin can be irritating.
When selecting a landscaping work glove, look for gloves that are thick enough and durable enough to withstand punctures and will also maintain dexterity for when you’re working with tools and small plants and seeds.
Here are some of our springtime picks:
GloveWorks Orange Nitrile Gloves: This bright gloves boast a 10 mil thickness which will offer superior puncture resistance, and since they’re nitrile, they are inherently resistant to many common chemicals found in pesticides and fertilizers.
Care Extra Thick Black Nitrile Gloves: These disposable gloves are super durable and will withstand long periods of use as well as potential puncture hazards. They provide wearers with excellent grip and chemical resistance.
MaxiFlex Ultimate Nitrile Grip Work Glove: These gloves are the ones you want to call in for those more heavy duty garden tasks, like planting trees, weeding, or even putting in fence posts. They are super lightweight and durable, with a nitrile coating that offers great grip in any situation. One really great, special feature that these gloves have is a knit wrist, which helps to keep dirt and debris out of your glove while you’re working. These are a great all-around glove that you’ll be glad you have in your arsenal this spring.
Natural Grain Cowhide Leather Work Gloves: These classic gloves are super durable and tough while offering an excellent fit. They are puncture and abrasion resistant and super comfortable. They also feature an elastic closure sewn inside the glove for added comfort and safety.
We hope you’ll be ready to tackle anything spring throws your way, with this lin

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