Storing Disposable Gloves, Best Practices

If you want to maintain adequate levels of protection for yourself and employees when it comes to the use of disposable gloves, you may want to consider how you are storing your gloves. Storage of disposable gloves actually contributes greatly to the integrity of the disposable gloves you’re using the continued protection they can provide. We’ve rounded up a list of “best practices” that we recommend you start implementing if you’re not already doing so.

Generally speaking, the recommended shelf life of disposable gloves is around five years from the date the gloves were manufactured. However, poor storage practices negate that time frame. Gloves must be stored properly to remain in good condition for the duration of their five-year shelf life.

Top Three Best Practices:
1. Store gloves away from dust, sunlight, moisture, or other extreme temperatures. If disposable gloves are stored in any of these conditions for a prolonged period of time, you’ll see their texture ruined. Gloves will become discolored and brittle.
2. Store gloves in a well-ventilated area that is dry in order to minimize amounts of excess moisture that may accumulate on the boxes of gloves while they are kept in storage.
3. Be sure to check for glove degradation on a regular basis. If you notice that gloves are becoming discolored or are damaged in some way, you should just dispose of the box of gloves and open a new one.
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