Taking Care of and Laundering Your Coated Work Gloves

Taking Care of and Laundering Your Coated Work Gloves

When you work hard day in and day out, your trusty work gloves are sure to accumulate some dirt and grime. Rather than buying brand new gloves every few weeks, learning to care for and launder your coated work gloves properly will help you save money in the long run.

Sometimes it can be tricky figuring out how to wash your work gloves so that they maintain their original integrity. Since coated work gloves are some of the most popular, we’ll focus on how to wash those. But we’ll also share some information with you on how to wash other common types of work gloves.
Coated Gloves
When laundering your coated work gloves (as pictured below) be sure to set your washing machine to cold water, anywhere from 85°F/30°C and below. It is important to use a mild detergent that will not damage the fibers or coating of the gloves. For this reason as well, bleach is not recommended, as it could compromise the protection the coating is designed to offer wearers. It is recommended to dry the gloves on a low heat or no heat setting.


Nylon Gloves
When laundering nylon shell work gloves, you should set your washing machine to a warm water setting, with a temperature around 105°F/40°C. A mild detergent should be used with a gentle or delicate setting on the washing machine. And just like the coated gloves, nylon should be dried on a setting of low or no heat.
Wool Gloves
For those of you who use wool work gloves in the winter, you should wash them in cold water only, to maintain the integrity of the wool. The water should be 70°F/20°C or less. They should be gently washed with a mild detergent and dried on a low heat or no heat setting. By following these guidelines, your wool gloves will maintain their quality and fit.
Dyneema Gloves
If you use work gloves that are engineered with the trademarked Dyneema fabric, have pretty flexible laundering guidelines. These gloves can take on virtually any cleaning method including traditional washing, dry cleaning, and bleaching. The one main restriction Dyneema has in order to maintain the properties of the fabric, is the temperature. It cannot withstand wet or dry temperatures over 219°F/144°C. Dyneema gloves can be washed in most standard detergents. They should be washed in cold water that is 104°F/40°C or less. And as all the types of work gloves we’ve discussed, they should be dried on a low or no heat setting.

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