The Awesome New Ellipse P100 Respirator and It’s Capabilities

The Awesome New Ellipse P100 Respirator and It’s Capabilities

We are exciting to introduce the new P100 Respirator, that will enhance safety in the work place beyond just your hands. We’ve got a new respirator mask that helps to protect against dust particles, vapors and mists, or metal fumes that one might encounter in the work environment.

This is a valuable piece of safety equipment to protect yourself while performing a variety of tasks from at home DIY projects all the way to professional stonework.



Here are some of the best benefits and capabilities you’ll find in this Elipse P100 Respirator:

One of the main barriers that workers have to get over when it comes to utilizing personal safety equipment is comfort. This respirator mask is ultra light weight, less than five ounces! It is also super comfortable to wear for long periods of time and is small enough so that it doesn’t obstruct the wearers line of sight during use. The mask is able to be fitted properly to each individuals head and contours well to the face, making it comfortable to wear for hours at a time.  If you’re a glasses wearer, you’ll also be glad to know this respirator does a great job of giving your glasses a fog free experience!

The construction of this mask and its filters allows it to capture 99.7% of any particles found in the air, which makes it one of the most efficient respirators on the market! It is also constructed to be very low profile and unobstructed , which means that you’ll feel comfortable wearing it in limited space environments like welding.

The respirator mask is latex and silicone free, which means that there is very little risk for any allergic reactions to wearers.

If you have any need for a respirator whether for your hobby or your profession, you’ll want to invest in this efficient, comfortable, and easy to use mask!

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