The Boss 1CF7004 Extreme Plus Cut Resistant Glove

Posted by Melanie Predolich on

We've added another outstanding cut resistant glove to our line up. This time, it is the Boss Extreme Plus  cut resistant glove that you’ll want to add to your repertoire for sure.
This glove comes in a handsome salt and pepper coloring, which is nice and neutral. It’s a mid-weight glove and rates at a hefty ANSI cut level rating of 4. This high cut rating means this glove can withstand some pretty robust situations and will protect you from significant cut and puncture risks. When working in potentially hazardous environments, it is important to have gloves that are cut resistant, and appropriately rated for your particular task or environment. This will minimize injury, and increase productivity.
These Boss Extreme gloves retain the tactile dexterity and sensitivity that is important for so many tasks, while maintaining the needed protection. The glove is constructed with a nylon and fiber glass shell and boasts palms and fingers that are double dipped with “sandy” foam nitrile. The shell makes them tough and durable, and the foam nitrile enhances the grip for oily, wet, and dry situations.
Some of the best applications for you to use this glove in are assembly, HVAC, and a huge range of mechanical operations or jobs where you would need to handle oily metal parts or sheets.

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