The Importance of Wearing Safety Glasses

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 This week we’re moving away from our usual PPE, gloves, to talk about glasses! Hands aren’t the only part of your body at risk of injury, your eyes are very vulnerable as well. Eye injuries are actually quite common, within industries or within the home and it is the most preventable cause of blindness, so why not do what you can to protect yourself?
In workplaces, OSHA has mandates requiring the use of safety and protective glasses. These safety glasses protect against a wide variety of hazards can be physical, chemical, and biological in nature. Some of the most hazardous occupations for your eyes are mechanics, plumbers, and carpenters. Workers in these industries should be using high impact eye protection which provide a higher level of protection.
The hazards causing eye injuries don’t just stop in the work place. There are many potentials for eye injuries in your own home, especially when you’re working with power tools, chemicals, or completing yard work.
When it comes down to it, there are so many different ways that your eyes can be injured at work, home or during recreational activities. Your eyes could be harmed by sparks, dust and debris, chemical splashes, blunt force, and many other things. With so many options for safety glasses, there is really no excuse not to significantly reduce your risk of injury.
While of course safety glasses can’t entirely eliminate injuries, they are likely to reduce the severity of an injury if it occurs. If you use protective eyewear, you will end up saving yourself (and your employer) a large amount of money when it comes to medical bills.

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