The New 19-D622 With PolyKor

The New 19-D622 With PolyKor

This week we have another great economical glove to introduce you to. This glove has been redesigned using PolyKor.


PolyKor makes up the shell of this glove. It is a blended material that in the end is lightweight and offers wearers excellent dexterity and tactile sensitivity for any task as well as a great level of cut and abrasion resistance. It is a seamless construction which maximizes the wearers comfort and breathability.

The 19-D622 is also coated with polyurethane which makes these gloves absolutely perfect for any application because it provides precision handling with fine tools and parts. Not only that, but the fingertips and palms are smoothly coated for great grip in wet and dry conditions.
These gloves are a hefty 13 gauge and are rated at an ANSI Cut Level 2. This means they ideal for industrial use or even home use. They can withstand pretty substantial abrasions. Use these gloves when working with wood, cutting glass,  metal handling, food processing and meat processing. They will provide really great protection against common hazards.
Compared to other leather work gloves on the market, these new Great White 19:D622 work gloves are a significant upgrade in comfort and protection and a significant cut in cost. It’s a no brainer to make the switch to these gloves.
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