The New VTrile Hybrid Disposable Glove

Posted by Melanie Predolich on

This week we’re excited to announce the arrival of a brand new product! These hybrid latex-free gloves are an excellent alternative to traditional vinyl, latex, or nitrile medical gloves. Since they are manufactured from a synthetic vinyl, there is no risk of allergies as with latex gloves.
These hybrid disposable gloves are made from a material that includes Nitrile and PVC paste, resulting in a glove that combines the advantages of both PVC and nitrile. That means these hybrid gloves provide excellent protection against most chemicals and are quite flexible and comfortable.
They feature a smooth surface, so they’re not ideal for situations where strong grip is required. But they have a beaded cuff for easy donning and they are ambidextrous. They are powder and protein free, which also helps guard against allergies.
These gloves are perfect for medical scenarios that don’t require the need for a fully sterile glove. These gloves are also great for non-medical industries like food preparation and handling as well as janitorial or cleaning services.

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