The Perfect Glove for General Cleaning

Posted by Melanie Predolich on

While we’re all stuck at home during this pandemic, it is a perfect opportunity to do some deep cleaning around your house. Whether you’re cleaning the bathroom or kitchen, or any other area that really requires you to get in there and scrub, we’ve got a perfect recommendation for you!
Using gloves while cleaning will not only help to protect you from any chemicals found in common cleaning products, but it will also help to minimize the spread of germs.
We recommend these Latex Poly-Chlorinated gloves. They are constructed with a poly-chlorinated interior which makes it super easy to don and doff these gloves.
They are super durable and while they are latex, they are not disposable, so they can be used multiple times. Obviously, you should replace them as they become worn or if they get torn or punctured.
These gloves are 12.5 mil thick and 12” in length, which provides ample coverage. In addition, they feature a honeycomb texture on the palm and fingers. This texture will enhance your grip in both wet and dry conditions.

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