The Perfect Preventative Knuckle Buster Glove: The Boss Impact 1JM600

Posted by Melanie Predolich on

This ultra heavy-duty glove is mainly known because of its anti-vibration and high performance impact qualities. There is so much that goes into the construction of this glove, which makes it super tough.

First, it starts out with Kevlar thread that is both heat and cut resistant! The cuff is constructed of neoprene with pull tag, while the palm is made from a synthetic leather with PVC dots. The PVC dots on the palms and fingers of this glove allow for enhanced grip in virtually any environment. One of the best features these gloves have to offer is their molded knuckles, complete with TPR pads and a reflective knuckle strap.
The Boss Impact 1JM600 are made to protect your fingers and knuckles from being jammed or seriously banged up. The hi-vis yellow and orange design of this glove will also allow you to remain seen in low light situations.
These gloves are ideal for anyone working in construction, demolition, mining, oil and gas field, or the automotive industry. They are sure to protect you from the heavy-duty tasks you encounter.

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