The Ultimate Industrial Nitrile Glove: Introducing the Gloveworks GWBN HD Black Nitrile Glove

The Ultimate Industrial Nitrile Glove: Introducing the Gloveworks GWBN HD Black Nitrile Glove


We are excited to announce the release of a brand new industrial grade nitrile work glove. After reading about some of the excellent features this new glove has to offer you and your employees, it’ll be a no brainer to make the transition to using this glove.

Grip + Dexterity


One of the most exciting features about this glove is the perfect combination of thickness and grip. With 6 mil thickness in both the palm and fingertips and the robust raised diamond texture you get an extremely high level of grip-ability with the superb dexterity that you would expect from a thinner, lighter weight nitrile work glove.

Specifically, the Gloveworks HD GWBN offers a unique diamond texture, which does its job by channeling away any grease, oil, or small debris particles into the channels so that you can continually maintain a strong grip. This diamond texture also means that these gloves can be highly effective in both dry and wet environments. Since the diamond texture is present on both sides of the glove, the Gloveworks HD GWBN is also ambidextrous!
Other Great Features
These 6 mil gloves provide adequate protection against punctures and many common and specialty chemicals, so you are safe in your working environment. The black colored nitrile specifically makes this glove suited for applications such as automotive, janitorial, manufacturing, and other heavy duty industries that handle oils, greases, and solvents, because these liquids are “hidden” by the dark color of the nitrile.

This helps maintain a tidy and professional look, especially for mechanics. The powder free coating on these gloves is also ideal for their intended application, because it eliminates the worry of the powder interacting with any adhesives or coatings that might be used on the job.

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Hi Nathaniel,
sorry for the late reply. Generally speaking nitrile gloves have better chemical resistance to more products than latex. We have a chemical resistance chart to aid in selecting the best material to utilize depending on the application chemical. You can view that chart here Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any additional questions.

Darren Gordon

Hi, I would like to check with you regarding the black nitrile gloves. You mentioned that the gloves is chemical resistant. Can you elaborate on the kind of chemicals it is able to withstand?

Do you have any other gloves which are chemical resistant and has grip properties also.


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