Time to Clean That Stove: Some Dirty Tips

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We all have those household chores that we just dread to do. I think on dreaded task we can all agree on is doing a deep clean of the stove. It just gets so dirty from the daily wear and tear, and can be quite a beast to clean thoroughly. We’ve rounded up some tips to help you tackle this job with as little pain as possible.
First things first, we recommend employing a pair of industrial nitrile gloves like this pair with enhance texture for great grip or this super fun green pair. These thin work gloves will offer a barrier to protect you from any of the harsh chemicals you may use while scrubbing your stove and will help to keep your bare skin protected from irritation.
No matter if you’ve got a traditional porcelain stove, a flat top electric stove, or a gas stove, check out these helpful tips:
  1. Sprinkle some baking soda in an even layer on the surface of the stove that is moistened. After letting that sit for several minutes you can easily wipe away crumbs and other small debris with a rag.
  2. Check to see if the top of your stove lifts, and check “under the hood” where you’ll be able to remove lots of leftover food bits and other debris.
  3. Use a mixture of water and vinegar as your main cleaning solution and spray it generously over the surface of your stove top and let it sit. After a few minutes wipe the stove top to get started on your clean.
  4. If you really want to partake in some heavy-duty cleaning, remove the knobs of your stove and clean the underside of those knobs.
  5. Focus in on problem spots by spraying more directly with your water and vinegar solution and use a stronger cleaner if necessary. You can always us a plastic paint scraper or another blunt tool to help you scrap off burnt on food that won’t wipe off with a rag.
Now you can face your stove top with confidence, knowing you’ll be able to clean it thoroughly without too much trouble.

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