Touch Screen Gloves: A Growing Necessity in Manufacturing and Many Other Sectors

Posted by Melanie Predolich on

As the use of smart phones and touch screen tablets has become virtually ubiquitous, even in the work place, it is natural that changes would need to be made in personal protective equipment. Industrial and manufacturing workers use their touch screen devices on a daily basis, yet they also need to wear protective work gloves to keep themselves from injury.
There have been many problems with these two combating forces; a vicious cycle is created. Workers have to wear gloves to be protected, but they can’t utilize their devices with the gloves on. So they remove their gloves to use the device and may or may not put the gloves back on, which could leave them at great risk of injury.
The goal for supervisors is to increase productivity, and safety compliance. One way this happens is by using touch screen compatible gloves. This blends both needs: hand protection and touch screen use.  When workers are able to use their touch screen devices easily without removing their work gloves it maximizes compliance and increases productivity.
The key to touch screen compatibility  is conductive materials. Touch screen work gloves are constructed from conductive yarns, which are a combination of steel plated nylon and another more comfortable yarn.
If you’re looking for an excellent touch screen work glove that offers the dexterity and protection you need, check out the brand new PUG Coated Touch Screen Work Glove. This glove is great because it is lightweight and seamless, which means it will be super comfortable for workers to wear, hopefully increasing compliance. The coated palm also enhances grip which is great for handling small parts and tools.

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