What Are Impact Gloves and the Benefits Of Using Them?

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With every job, there are risks of injury from impact. Most of the time, we think about making sure we do not have insufficient protection, but can you have too much protection? By choosing the correct high impact glove, you avoid missing protection and having a glove that is too heavy for your job. High impact gloves are different from your run of the mill work glove that you may be used to using on the job. Keep reading to be informed on what exactly these gloves are and why you should start using them.
Is There Such a Thing as too Much Protection?
Sometimes you may just assume that the highest level of protection you can find in a glove is the best option for you. While those gloves would surely protect you from many types of impacts, there is a potentially hidden hazard that comes with them. If your gloves are too thick, too protective, that significantly decreases your level of dexterity. It is basically like wearing a thick pair of winter mittens while working; not very safe or effective. This loss of dexterity makes it much more likely for the wearer to lose grip on what your working on or accidentally drop something that you’re working on. The frustration that comes from this ineffectiveness often leads wearers to remove their gloves altogether, posing the greatest threat to safety possible.
What is so Special about High Impact Gloves?
When you look at a pair of high impact gloves, you will notice that the gloves are constructed with a durable outer shell made up of sections of raised solid, rubbery material that is affixed to the glove. These rubber segments will cover the back of the hand and usually all of the fingers. They are strategically placed to protect the wearer from impact in the spots it naturally occurs.
This rubber impact material is manufactured with a material called TPR, a thermoplastic rubber, which gives the glove their segmented look.  Along with providing superb high impact protection, TPR improves hand movement since those segments are free to move and bend flexibly.
High impact work gloves are meant to be beneficial across the board in different industries, so most are also engineered with a high level of grip on the palm because of a hefty palm coating.
Where and Why should High Impact Gloves be Used?
While impact injuries are present across all industries, the most hazardous industries when it comes to impact industries are gas and oil industries. Workers in these environments are at risk for very serious pinching, crushing, and puncture related industries. Up to half of all accidents recorded are finger or hand injuries, which means this is a common problem in the industrial world that can be prevented with proper gloves. High Impact gloves are designed to combat hand and finger injuries specifically in industries with high risks of crushing impact hazards. Employees should be wearing proper impact gloves to protect themselves from potential injuries in their work environment.

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