What Are the 5 Most Common Accidents on Construction Sites?

What Are the 5 Most Common Accidents on Construction Sites?

It is no secret that Construction sites are a dangerous place to work. Hazards are around every corner. We’ve rounded up a handful of the most common accidents that take place on construction sites so that you can do your best to remain vigilant in protecting against these hazards.


Electrocution: This first category of accident is probably one of the least common accidents that happen on a work site. The main cause of electrocution is a result of poorly maintained equipment, unsafe powerlines, improper wiring, or overloaded circuits. The best way to prevent electrocution is to make sure that equipment isn’t stored under powerlines and ensure that appropriate notification signs are posted to alert workers of hazards.


Hit by Moving Vehicles: This type of accident accounts for a little bit over 10% of all accidents. These accidents are mainly caused from inattention on behalf of workers as a result of poor training or lack of high visibility clothing. You should ensure that all equipment has reverse alarms and maker sure equipment operators are aware of blind spots.


Falls From Heights: A bit less than 20% of all accidents are a result of employees falling from heights. Falls like this are caused by inadequate safety protection, clutter, poorly lit areas, or unmaintained equipment. It can be prevented by regular maintenance of equipment like platforms, ladders, and scaffolding. Also you can install other safety measures like guardrails.


Hit by Falling Objects: The biggest risk for this accident is when workers are completing tasks underneath cranes, scaffolds or other overhead equipment. To prevent this, you can create exclusion zones where you block off the area around equipment when large objects are being moved.


Slips, trips, and falls: This final category represents two out of three accidents that take place on a construction site. They happen due to weather hazards, spills, or loose mats, as well as poor lighting, uneven walking surfaces, and more. Hazards that cause these types of injuries are probably some of the easiest to prevent. You can take the appropriate precautions to keep clutter to a minimum, make sure lighting is adequate, and use appropriate signage to alert employees of hazards that arise.


By understanding the potential risks and how to prevent them, you have a great chance of minimizing injuries and accidents at your work site.

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