What Do Safety Gloves Do For You?

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Using the right pair of safety gloves while working is a foundational thing. Generally speaking, the answer to our question this week is that safety gloves…keep you safe. But we’ll dive a little deeper into the specifics things safety gloves have the capacity to protect you from.
There are a wide variety of safety gloves out there, and it is important to match the appropriate type of safety glove with the task you’re performing, so that you can make sure you’re protecting yourself adequately.
One key category that safety gloves can protect you from are chemicals, as well as biohazards. Using chemicals regularly poses the risk of chemical burns and other injuries. Safety gloves also protect against biohazards, as in preventing the spread of infection. The best glove materials to protect against chemicals are nitrile, latex, and PVC.
Abrasions, Punctures, and Cuts
These hazards are some of the most common across multiple industries. Depending on the risk level of your task you may need to shop around the range of cut and abrasion resistant work gloves. Many manufacturers produce very thin, lightweight work gloves as well as thicker, heavy-duty work gloves that will protect against severe hazards. They key to picking the proper safety glove to protect against these hazards is to find a good balance between dexterity and protection.
Impact Injuries
A more specialized type of hazard, usually found in the construction industry, you’ll want to opt for safety gloves that are impact resistant. Impact injuries can come from moving heavy objects, using a jackhammer, among other tasks. Impact resistant safety gloves are designed to soften the blow on your hands and fingers by absorbing that impact through additional padding while still maintaining great flexibility and dexterity.
Arc and Heat
If you work in an industry that involves welding, glass manufacturing, oil, or natural gas, you’ll want safety work gloves that are specifically designed to protect against these unique hazards. These safety gloves will protect you against potentially damaging burns. Look for safety gloves made out of a material like KevlarÒ.
Extreme Temperatures and Weather
Individuals who work in cold-storage facilities or outside in extreme cold will want to take special precautions to find safety work gloves that have thermal features in order to protect against things like frostbite. You want safety gloves that not only insulate against the cold temperatures but also wick moisture away and keep your skin dry. You should look for materials like nitrile, leather, PVC, ThinsulateÒ, or ThermoliteÒ.

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